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    We are able to offer implants in-house with Dr jussab who has been working with implants for many years with a diploma in implantology after completing a 1 year international course
    Implant involves an artificial tooth root replacement that is used to closed gap/s and is a alternative to a  :

    • Denture ( especially eliminating the discomfort and insecurity of loose, ill -fitting dentures) or
    •  Dental bridge ( where teeth need to be ground down on either side to support bridge)

    Dental Implants commonly are made from titanium that can be easily fused into the bone whereby a crown is held on top. In some cases sometimes dentures or bridges are supported by Dental Implants.
    We are able to carry such procedures in-house and use a very reputable implant  system.

    Astra Tech Warranty Astra Tech Implant SystemTM warranty

    The Astra Tech Implant SystemTM began three decades ago which focused on advanced research and development. Today the Astra Tech Implant SystemTM is one of the most thoroughly documented dental implant systems in the world, backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties for implants.


    For further information regarding implants please visit ASTRA IMPLANTS patient orientated website www.LikeNaturalTeeth.co.uk.

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