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Dental Veneers Cheadle

A dental veneer is a new front surface for your teeth. It’s cosmetic dental care especially bonded to the front teeth. With growing age, We can face lots of teeth-related issues like tooth decay, tooth enamel, root canals, and oral health. Here at Cheadle and around Gatley, we pride ourselves in creating custom-made veneers from porcelain.

Our veneers are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of riles such as align crowding or protruding teeth, closing tooth gaps, or cosmetically lighten tooth colour. The quality of our materials guarantees a final product with durability that of natural teeth and they’re used to make long-lasting changes to the smile with teeth whitening and stain-resistant.

Dental veneers procedure at cheadle dental practice

Dental Veneer Treatment

At Cheadle Dental, we start the composite veneer procedure with consultation. Where we find out what clients don’t like about their teeth and what type of smile is required in order to go for the best possible results. A computer-aided smile design is then used to design the smile and to fine-tune the required tooth shapes and colour to the client’s wishes. Dental porcelain veneers can be used to mask a single dark tooth but more often are used as part of a smile makeover.

When the client is ready to proceed with treatment the next step is to create a 3d preview model. And then our ceramist uses the computer-aided smile design to create this 3d version of the smile design so it can be checked from all angles for aesthetics and function.

Dental veneers are then provided as planned over two main treatment appointments which are aimed at producing two important elements.

At the first appointment, the teeth are prepared and this process involves trimming back a thin layer from the front surface and biting edge to make space for the veneer. In order to achieve this in the most perfect way possible, Impressions are taken and temporary veneers are made using a template made from our previously taken 3d preview model.

During this phase, this process gives our patients an opportunity to try out the planned smile design in their own mouths before the veneers are made. This is especially useful since any changes or fine adjustments can be made to the temporaries and reproduced in the final veneers. All dental veneers are made with this technique at the Cheadle Gatley Clinic.

During the second main treatment, the porcelain veneers are then fitted. At Cheadle, our veneers are fitted with a multi-layer bonding system that bonds the veneers to the teeth with unparalleled strength in order to ensure a long-lasting effect which our patients are thankful for. During this phase, the dental veneers are polished and bite-checked and then revealed to our patients for further review.

We also find it crucial to invite our patients a few days later in order to see our patients check all is well when they’ve had some time to use them and eat with them. On that appointment, we also offer the option to take portrait photos for our clients to take away with them. It is our pleasure to see you smile. Dental Veneers cost depends on types of veneers some treatments can be covered by insurance as well.

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What Our Patients Say?

Dear Dr Shabs. This is just a note to say thank you SO MUCH for everything you’ve done for me and my disasterous teeth! Ever since I smashed my front teeth in freshers week I felt like I’ve been in the best possible hands! However, I’ve just finished a teaching course and am going to go and teach English in Jordan in two weeks time and therefore have had to register somewhere else 🙁 Whenever I’m back living in Manchester again though, I’ll be back. Cheers again, Helen (the one who does Arabic)
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We at Cheadle aim to work together with our patients to create the smile they want. That is why you as the patient have full control at all times, from the timing of appointments to the colour of your veneers, you have the luxury of choosing your smile.

Starting with an initial consultation, x-rays etc., We then agree the procedure, budget and timeline. At the first appointment the teeth are prepared and this process involves trimming back a thin layer from the front surface and biting edge to make space for the veneer. During the second main treatment, the porcelain veneers are then fitted

Veneers have the property to last for years, if they are taken good care of. Only in rare cases do veneers need replacing after a while, but they normally provide patients with decades of excellent service.

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