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    What Is Enlighten?

    Enlighten is a super sealed extreme whitening system for Enlighten one of the market leaders in tooth whitening treatments. Enlighten gives amazing results every time without the need of lights or high concentration gels.

    What the media says about Enlighten:

    Daily Express – Enlighten 10/10 – Britesmile 9/10 and Boots 8/10

    Daily Mail – Get a Hollywood Smile in your lunch hour with Enlighten

    Mens Fitness – “Does it work? It certainly does. Does it hurt? Not at all”

    Good Housekeeping-‘You lie back grinning under halogen lights. Sounds too simple?

    RED – “Verdict:effective, perfect if you want results fast”

    OK! Magazine -“A natural looking brighter smile to break a thousand hearts”
    The combination of these gels produces maximum whitening results in the shortest possible time. The gel is of a much higher concentration than the ones used for home bleaching but is still completely safe to use and has been shown to cause no long term damage to healthy teeth in any way.
    The home stage lasts for two weeks with the trays being worn every night. The trays are very well designed and individually fitted to ensure maximum comfort of use. The home stage gently prepares the tooth enamel so that the surgery stage can give a deep whitening that will give long term predictable results. The surgery stage takes place on the fifteenth day and lasts for one hour. The stronger surgery gel completes the process and gives stunning results.During the procedure the gel will be applied to the front surfaces of your teeth, which are then exposed to the light from the Enlighten Whitening lamp for a maximum of three 20 minute sessions.

    At Cheadle Dental Practise, we offer a variety of Cosmetic dentistry in effort to help you achieve that perfect smile.

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