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The Shocking Truth About What Causes Bad Breath

To get fresh breath, the best way is to floss often. Floss helps to prevent the build up of tartar which is accumulated at the gum line. It further reduces bleeding between teeth from inflamed gum tissue. You will have fresh breath, your gums will remain healthy and you will not face the prospect tooth decay. Flossing is one of the effective ways to fix oral health issues.

However, many people do not know how to floss properly. Since floss reaches places a toothbrush cannot reach, it has much more of an impact than brushing alone. You should therefore do both as part of your morning routine.

The first step is to find floss which is easy to use and comfortable for your teeth. Floss comes in different types, such as waxed, unwaxed, string or tape. Also, there are floss brushes and single-use floss sticks available. But do not get confused by all these types; the best idea is to just choose the one that is most comfortable, and not too difficult to use.

Use the right technique for flossing to avoid injuring your teeth. Make sure you get rid of all the plaque and bacteria.

  • To achieve the best results, start with a piece of floss around 45cm in length. Wind the excess floss around your middle fingers and keep about 5cm handy between your thumb and index finger for use between the teeth.
  • Move the floss gently so that it works effectively on the surface of the teeth and make it reach properly where each tooth meets the gum line.
  • Do not try to break the floss against your gums, as it will be damaging to the gum tissue.
  • Turn the floss and make it a ‘’C’’, now wrap it around the tooth. Move it up and down each tooth in turn, on both sides and a little below the gum line.
  • While you are flossing, release clean floss from your fingers so that you have a clean area to tackle the next tooth.
  • After flossing, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash.
  • It is best to floss twice a day before brushing. But even if you only floss once a day before bed, it is still worth it.

Practice will make you a good flosser. Stand in front of a mirror every day to practise, and you will get used to it over time.

Flossing will give you a beautiful smile and fresh, clean breath. You should also make regular visits to your dentist to keep everything healthy and clean.

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