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5 Winter Dental Care Tips for a Healthy Smile

Caring for teeth and gums is important all year round. Winter dental care is more important as colder temperatures can exacerbate any sensitivity to cause pain and discomfort. Winds and frost can also cause lips to become chapped and dry. Other potential issues include dry mouth, cold sores and jaw pain as the muscles tighten up in the cold. The good news is that there is plenty that can be done to alleviate these seasonal symptoms by following a few winter dental care tips.

Looking For Winter Dental Care

The best way to avoid dental problems at Christmas or New Year is to treat your teeth and gums well in the lead up to the festive season. It needn’t take very long. Time spent caring for your oral health now will save pain, hassle and even more time sitting in dental appointments next year. Here are five winter dental care tips to help you push right on through to 2022.

summer tooth care - brushingWho doesn’t love a delicious cup of hot chocolate after a bracing winter walk? Although this is a popular winter treat, the extra sugar can play havoc on your teeth. As can the mounds of festive sweets, biscuits and cakes that are calling us every time we head to the shops. Try not to buy sugary treats intended for Christmas too early, as you may be tempted to eat them ahead of time, meaning that you buy more and consume double.

Watch intake of sugary sodas and mixers like cola and lemonade for better winter dental care. If you do have lots of sugar, wait for at least an hour before brushing your teeth afterwards to avoid brushing away any weakened enamel.

2. Tooth Kind Christmas Gifts

Instead of buying your loved ones boxes of chocolates, fruit baskets or alcohol, think of some healthier ideas. Experience vouchers, bath products, plants for the garden or books can go down very well. Some alcoholic drinks contain more sugar than you might imagine.

These can include sweet wines, champagne and liqueurs. Beer and spirits like whiskey, vodka or gin tend to have a lower sugar content. For the kids, switch out chocolate coins and candy canes for pocket money toys, sports kit, cuddly animals or savoury snacks.

emergency dentist-Children’s Dentistry3. Keep Hydrated

We all know to drink lots when the weather is hot to avoid dehydration and to keep ourselves feeling energetic. However, this need doesn’t go away in the winter. Always carry a bottle or water with you and drink from it regularly. You can also drink herbal teas and low-sugar squashes and juices to make up your water count for the day.

Signs that you are becoming dehydrated include feeling tired, feeling thirsty and having a dry mouth. It is vital to keep the mouth from becoming too dry, as saliva production plays a large part in helping the teeth and gums stay healthy.

4. Ward Off The Cold

Lips can get chapped and split in cold weather, which can be painful and irritating. Wrap your neck and mouth with a cosy scarf to protect them against wind and snow. Apply a soothing lip salve or protective barrier cream. Try to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This prevents the cold air from hitting your lips and teeth straight away and also helps to keep your mouth from becoming too dry.

check up- Winter Dental CareChattering teeth can also lead to discomfort and even damage if the effects are too much, so stop this from happening by wearing appropriately warm clothing when going outside. Don’t forget to check your gums for signs of bleeding or discomfort when brushing your teeth as well. Use a suitable mouthwash to ward off gum disease.

5. Get a Check Up

Visit your dentist over the winter months for a check-up and deep clean. This helps to detect oral problems sooner, rather than later. Your dentist can also give you more winter dental care tips and advice about looking after teeth in winter. It can be tempting to stay home in the warm when temperatures drop and not bother with appointments and  routine check-ups.

However, as we have seen above, there are a great many reasons why caring for teeth in the winter is just as important as in any other season. Why not make caring for your teeth one of your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions?

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