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Tips for Sparkling Teeth in winter

As the weather gets colder and duller in January, one way to bring back some light is to show off shiny white teeth when smiling. But if your teeth embarrass you due to their colour or appearance, this could cast a shadow over your winter looks.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy a beautiful smile this winter.

Get a professional dental clean

It’s always wise to have a dental checkup and a professional clean and polish. This will remove tartar and stains and will improve your gum health too. You should visit your dentist

as part of a regular programme of dental checkups. This will decrease your risk of getting diseases such as diabetes or heart problems.

Brush and floss twice a day, every day

Make sure you floss and clean your teeth every day. A build-up of tartar on your teeth makes them look very dirty. Brushing and flossing daily also helps prevent dental decay, gum disease, mouth infections and bad breath.

Use a good quality mouthwash

Using a mouthwash on a daily basis also helps in the removal of plaque and keeps the mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Try a tongue cleaner

A tongue cleaner makes the tongue look and feel healthy by removing the bacteria from the surface. It also helps maintain nice fresh breath.

Teeth whitening

Yellow teeth are really embarrassing. Teeth whitening is a result-oriented, affordable service offered by many dentists. It strengthens the enamel and makes your teeth look whiter.

Give foods and drinks that stain your teeth a miss

Avoid eating dark coloured food: For example, red wine, tea and coffee stain teeth very badly.

Have a smile makeover

Many people have crowded, broken, misshapen or discoloured teeth. If you are one of them, then you might like to consider having a smile makeover after consultation with your dentist.

Get a fresh breath analysis

Modern dentistry has introduced new technological methods to fix bad breath. Your dentist will be able to advise further and to diagnose the perfect treatment for your situation.

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