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Easy Tips for Bright, Healthy Teeth During Summer days

Just because school is out for a few weeks, it doesn’t mean that all efforts have to stop. Summer tooth care is a job that must be done all the time to make most of that summer glow. After all, tooth decay and root canal doesn’t go on summer vacation. If plaque is allowed to build up on teeth through a relaxing of the rules over summer, this can result in tooth decay, holes and gum disease

Your summer tooth care plan

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your summer tooth care routines to make teeth healthier. From choosing wisely when it comes to food and drink to remaining vigilant about cleaning, there is plenty you can do to keep your children’s teeth healthy for the return to school. Since it is the summer, drinking water is very important to stay hydrated.

Keep on cleaning

Many children are allowed to go to bed later than they normally would in the summer holidays. This can be a real treat, but it mustn’t turn into a total free-for-all. Make sure everyone brushes their teeth before bedtime, whatever time that turns out to be. That includes flossing, brushing and mouthwash – the full regime.


summer tooth care - brushing

Keep on top of dental supplies and oral care. For instance, replace your family toothbrushes at the start of the holidays so you know they are in good condition. Make sure you have enough toothpaste and dental hygiene supplies for everyone, especially if you are going away from home for a few days. 

Sugar in moderation

Summer is a time to indulge in a few edible treats. Many of the more popular choices such as chocolate or ice cream tend to be heavy on the sugar. This is bad news for teeth. However, you can still make tooth-kind food and drink choices without spoiling the fun.

To maintain your summer tooth care plan, look for sugar-free, non-fizzy drinks and avoid sports drinks as these are very high in sugar. Offer milk, water or sugar-free teas and cordials when anyone feels thirsty. Provide healthy snacks and meals in the main, so you can offer the occasional sugary treat without feeling guilty.

Let the kids come to you when they are hungry, rather than leaving treats out for them to graze on. That allows you to keep a closer eye on their intake and restrict their access to sugar to ensure oral hygiene and maintain summer tooth care routine. Adults should also limit their intake of summery, sugary alcoholic drinks, such as pre-mixed cocktails and punch to maintain oral health.

Wise choices

There are loads of tooth-kind food and drink choices out there that can still make the children happy. For instance, fresh fruit and vegetables can be refreshing and hydrating on a hot day. Good options include:

  • Bananas,
  • Tangerines,
  • Cucumbers and
  • Carrots

Avoid dried fruit or smoothies, as these can be high in sugar. Other summer tooth care snack ideas include toast, rice cakes, plain popcorn and cheese. The same goes for meals – select ingredients with less or no sugar to help protect the family’s teeth and ensure summer tooth care.

This is important for picnics too. This is because it can be easy to forget what you have eaten when you are outside, picking at different foods and having fun with friends.

Orthodontist arrangements

If your children are wearing braces or are undergoing orthodontic treatments, it is important to keep up any prescribed care routines. Wash braces and aligners carefully and avoid getting sugary snacks caught under them, such as gummy sweets or toffee.

summer tooth care- braces care

Attend all scheduled orthodontist appointments, even during the summer holidays. Even if temperatures soar, avoid crunching on ice cubes, however tempting it may be. This can cause breakages and even chip or damage tooth enamel.

Book your children’s dentist check-ups early

The long school holidays are a prime time for families to catch up on summer tooth care. This normally involves booking check-ups for their children at the dentist. As a result, dentists can get booked up quickly. So, it is a good idea to arrange appointments quickly to ensure there is room.

Try to fix dates near the start or middle of the summer holidays. This is because if anyone does need further treatment (e.g. a filling) there is time to sort it before school starts back again. Visiting the dentist regularly is one of the best ways to keep teeth healthy – all year round.

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Emergency summer tooth care

Accidents involving teeth can happen at any time of year and dental emergencies may be required . Many children become more active in the summer months with sports and outdoor activities. Make sure you have the contact details of an emergency dentist, just in case.

Invest in a dental first aid kit as well. This includes such items as temporary filling material, sugar-free gum (to help saliva production), medical gloves and gauze pads.

If your child suffers a serious accident involving teeth, mouth or gums ,or you cannot stem the bleeding, take them to the nearest A&E department. Make sure you know what everyone’s blood type is, plus details of allergies and health conditions.


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